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Triple T Gold Property


The Company’s 100%-owned, comprising 41 claims project, is located in the Humboldt Range 9 kilometers (5.6 miles) east of the Rochester silver-gold operation and 42 kilometers (26.1 miles) southeast of the Florida Canyon gold mine (see Figure 1).

The Geological Setting:

The Triassic Prida Formation lies unconformably above rhyolite flows and ash-flow tuffs of the Permian Rochester Formation, the oldest rocks of the district. Locally, massive limestone of the Middle to Upper Triassic Natchez Pass Formation has been thrust over the Prida Formation, and Upper Triassic phyllitic shale of the Grass Valley Formation has been thrust over the Natchez Pass and Prida Formations. A later thrust plate of Natchez Pass and Prida limestones overlies the Grass Valley Formation. The Project’s gold mineralization is characterized by intense oxidation associated with quartz veins hosted by volcaniclastic sequences of the Triassic Natchez Pass Formation (see Figure 2).

Historical Work:

NV Gold started in May 2009 with geological reconnaissance, followed by several campaigns of surface rock and soil geochemistry sampling, and concluded with a drilling program in October 2009. Two principal zones of gold mineralization, the “South Area”, and the “North Area”, were identified by earlier exploration and drilling campaigns. A third zone of rock chip gold-anomalism, called the “Next Target”, was never drilled (see Figure 3). The Project, due to changes in Company priorities, was dropped in 2010, became reevaluated and reacquired in early-2021.

Next Steps:

The Company, guided by 3-D Leapfrog modelling, sees the opportunity to re-evaluate this comprehensive near-surface, oxide-gold potential with gold grades up to 11.7 g/t Au from rock chip sampling and open drill intercepts of 32 meters @ 0.73 g/t Au (Evolving Gold in 2007) and 16.8 meters @ 1.345 g/t Au (NV Gold in 2009, see Table 1). The goal is to improve and enhance the Property to a pre-discovery stage. In October 2022, NV Gold received the approval of the Notice of Intent (NOI) for 10 new drill sites, and the Company is excited and looking forward to increasing the already established oxide-gold mineralization to a larger volume and economic gold grades (see Figures 4 & 5). Drilling is planned to commence Q2 or Q3 of 2023, depending on financing and drill rig availability.

Figure 1: Location of Triple T Project in Pershing County, Nevada

Figure 2: Triple T Oxide Mineralization in Quartz Veins

Figure 3: Triple T Rock Chip Sampling and Target Areas

Table 1: Triple T 2009 selected Drill Intercepts

Figure 4: Triple T North Area Target with historical Drill Holes and permitted

new Drill Sites on Leapfrog-modeled Gold Shapes

Figure 5: Leapfrog Gold Model with NW-looking Cross-section showing open

Gold Mineralization