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  • US:NVGLF $0.21
Discovering Nevada’s next


resource through focused exploration activities.

NV Gold Options High-Grade Exodus Gold Project Discovery In British Columbia, Canada - READ MORE

  • Please read a good write up and CEO interview on July 22, 2020 at Caesars Report at : https://www.caesarsreport.com/reports/interview-with-peter-ball-ceo-of-nv-gold/

  • NV Gold is a junior exploration company based in Vancouver, British Columbia that is focused on delivering value through mineral discoveries, and management controls ~15% of the shares, and Crescat Capital LLC, and Eric Sprott as large shareholders.

  • NVX’s exploration season about to commence and the market responds each year noting the coverage by mulitple newsletter writers from Canada, USA and Europe, and the globally recognized exploration team and tight share structure:  With good liquidity and activity during the exploration season, the shares (TSXV:NVX / US:NVGLF) in:

    • 2017 went from low of $0.17 (May) to $0.47 (September); and

    • 2018 went from low of $0.21 (February) to $1.10 (April); and

    • 2019 went from low of $0.105 (March) to $$0.29 (August); and

    • and 2020 we will commence the exploration season at $0.085…

  • Leveraging its highly experienced in-house technical knowledge, NV Gold’s geological team intends to utilize its geological databases, which contains a vast treasury of field knowledge spanning decades of research and exploration, combined with a portfolio of mineral properties (15+ projects) in Nevada, to prioritize key projects for focused exploration programs.

Why Invest in NV Gold

Key management and industry investors and share position:

  • #1: Chairman NVX
  • #2: Eric Sprott - Toronto
  • #4: CEO NVX
  • Bob Moriarty, Europe
  • GoldSpot Discoveries Corp. - Toronto, ON, Canada
  • Redstar Gold Corp. - Vancouver, BC 
  • Crescat Asset Mgmt. - Denver, Co. USA
  • Equity Management Associates - Boston, Ma, USA

Mgmt/Directors with a track record of providing discovery and development opportunities including:

  • Dr. Quinton Hennigh, Director NVX (Chairman of Novo Resources)
  • Dr. Odin Christensen, Director NVX (Previous Global Head of Exploration for Newmont)
  • John Watson, M.Sc.: Chairman NVX
  • Alfred (Alf) Stewart, B.Sc. Director (Director Searchlight Resources Inc.)
  • Peter A. Ball, President & CEO, Director NVX

Share structure (<65 Million Shares)

  • No Debt
  • Low Burn Rate
  • Focused $ into the ground
  • ~$1.7M of $0.20 Warrants-in-the-Money.
  • ~$3.7M Cash in the Treasury


  • Drill ready portfolio of projects in key geological trends (Nevada, USA and BC, Canada)

Focus / Location:

  • Strategically focused on precious metals discoveries in North America.
  • Best geopolitical and well endowed location: Nevada and British Columbia
  • Extensive infrastructure and year round access
  • Control of extensive geological databases in Nevada:
    • USMX: 1970s / 1980s
    • AngloGold Ashanti : 1990s / 2000s
Share Structure
Issued Shares 64.7 M
Options 4.9 M
Warrants 13.7 M
Fully Diluted 83.3 M
Year Hi-Lo $0.48 - $0.07
Market Cap ~$23.0 M

NV Gold (TSXV: NVX, US: NVGLF) is a well-financed junior exploration company based in Vancouver, British Columbia that is focused on delivering value through mineral discoveries in North America, leveraging its highly experienced in-house technical knowledge, and identifying and drilling 2-3 priority projects per year. NV Gold controls multiple drill-ready projects in Nevada, and has entered into an Option Agreement on the high-grade Exodus Gold Project in British Columbia, Canada.

Current Activity and Going Forward

  • Slumber Gold Project: Drilling program and modelling identified potential deeper mineralized system with positive near surface gold mineralization – follow-up planned fall 2020.
  • Sandy Gold Project: Acquired for staking costs only in Fall 2019; recently completely surrounded by Eclipse Gold Mining; NVX reviewing next steps for potential drill program.
  • Exodus Gold Project (British Columbia): recently signed Option to acquire the high grade gold project and advancing to a drill program in the Fall 2020.
  • Evaluate, extract and stake new projects from geological databases - ongoing.
  • Review potential new advanced exploration/development property acquisitions - ongoing.
  • Complete Lease agreements on extensive portfolio with potential strategic partners.


  • Discover North America’s next multi-million ounce gold resource through focused exploration activities.


  • Quickly evaluate and advance mineral opportunities to drill ready stage utilizing extensive in-house geological databases and experienced technical team.
  • Permit and commence drill discovery programs on two to three selected projects each year.

Corporate Presentation
Corporate Presentation

Management and Directors

John Watson, Chairman
Mr. Watson has over 40 years of experience in the mineral resource industry. Including the following roles; President of Pan-Nevada Gold Corporation, President and CEO of Horizon Gold Corporation, which built and operated two open pit, heap leach mines in Nevada. Currently, Mr. Watson is a director of Prospero Silver Corp. Mr. Watson holds a B.A. in Geology from the University of Texas and an M.Sc. in Mineral Economics from the Colorado School of Mines.

Peter A. Ball, President & CEO and DirectorMr. Ball brings over 30 years of experience as a mining professional at all levels of leadership. Throughout Mr. Ball’s career, he has held various senior management roles with international precious metals mining companies in corporate finance, securities trading, mine engineering, business development, corporate communications, public relations and marketing functions throughout North and South America, Asia, and Europe. Mr. Ball began his career in the late 1980s working as a mining engineer, a technical representative, and in various management and senior executive roles for numerous companies including Redstar Gold, Columbus Gold, Hudson Bay Mining & Smelting, Echo Bay Mines Ltd., RBC Dominion Securities, Eldorado Gold Corp. Mr. Ball is a graduate of the Haileybury School of Mines, Georgian Business College, UBC’s Canadian Securities Course, is a member of CIMM and currently Director of Searchlight Resources Inc. and Bullion Gold Resources Corp.

Dr. Quinton Hennigh, Director
Dr. Hennigh is currently Chairman of Novo Resources Corp. (NVO: CSE) which is actively exploring for gold in Australia. Dr. Hennigh’s previous experience included Chief Geologist of Evolving Gold where he is credited with the discovery of the Rattlesnake Hills deposit. Dr. Hennigh holds a BSc. from the University of Missouri and an M.Sc. and PhD from the Colorado School of Mines.

Dr. Odin Christensen, Director
Mr. Christensen is a geologist with over 35 years of experience in the mineral exploration and mining industry. Mr. Christensen was with Newmont Mining Corporation for 21 years. From 1985-1989, Mr. Christensen served as Exploration Manager for Newmont and Carlin Gold Mining in northeastern Nevada and ultimately retired as Chief Geologist. Dr. Christensen holds a B.Sc. in Geology (University of Minnesota) and a PhD in Geology (Stanford University).

Alfred “Alf” Stewart, Director
Alfred (Alf) Stewart, B.SC. Geology, MBA, has a career spanning over 40 years in the resource and investment industries. Mr. Stewart’s career includes time spent as a geologist, stock exchange regulator, investment banker, analyst and investment advisor. Mr. Stewart has worked for such firms as Bank of Montreal, Esso Minerals, Erickson Gold Mining, Canaccord Capital, Haywood Securities, Golden Capital, and Raymond James. He has been involved in financing mining companies for over two decades, including discoveries in the base and precious metals sectors.

Ron Schmitz, CFO
Mr. Schmitz is the Principal and President of ASI Accounting Services Inc., since July 1995. Mr. Schmitz has served as a Director and/or Chief Financial Officer of various public companies since 1997, and currently holds these positions with various public and private companies.


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